Oregon Records Management Solution

Simple Searches

A Simple Search can be done by selecting a single search method from the search screen. To perform a simple search:

  • In the top SEARCH BY selector, click on the drop-down button and select a search method
    • Any Word – any word in either the Title field or the Notes field for a record
    • Date Created – the date in the Created Date field for a record - not widely used
    • Meeting Date – the date in the Meeting Date field for a record - used by some jurisdictions - see Jurisdiction Help
    • Document Content – text contained in any text-based file attached to a record
    • Record Number - the number assigned when the record is entered in the system - used by some jurisdictions - see Jurisdiction Help
    • Title (Free Text Part) - an exact match search of the Title field for a record
    • Title Word – any word in the Title field for a record
  • Type the value you wish to search for in the equal to text box
  • Click Search
A list of records matching your search terms is displayed.

Advanced Searches

Advanced searches combine multiple search methods. This is achieved by using the AND and OR options on the search screen.

To perform an advanced search:

  • In the SEARCH BY selector, click on the drop-down button to select a search method. You may select up to three types of search methods.
  • For each search method you select, type the value you wish to search for in the Equal To text box.
  • Click AND if the results of the search must contain all of the search terms you choose.
  • Click OR if you would like to display records which contain at least one of the search terms you choose.
  • In the SORT BY list, optionally click on the drop-down button to select a field to sort by. Click the Descending check box next to the sort criteria if you wish to sort by that criteria in descending order. You can choose up to two sort criteria to sort results by.
  • Click Search

Searching by Date

Please use the format mm/dd/yyyy.

Searching by Date Range

For date ranges, use the word 'to' between the beginning and ending values.

For example searching by Meeting Date 04/01/2015 to 04/30/2015 will return all the records in the specified range.

Saving Search Criteria

After performing a successful search it is possible to save the search criteria as a bookmark using the features of your web browser. When you reload this bookmark in your browser the search will return all records that meet your saved criteria at the time the search is executed.

Browsing Results

When the results of a search are displayed, use the links embedded in the page to browse for more information.

For example, a successful search may return multiple pages of records.

To check the next page of records:

  • Use the page navigator at the bottom of the list to choose a page number or the next/previous page.
  • Click on the item in the list to see more information.

Viewing electronic documents

To view an electronic document or file:

  • Click on the record title to open the Record details
  • Use the 'View / Download' menu to either preview the document as HTML or download the document.

Jurisdiction Help

As noted on the search page, ORMS is a records management solution that provides public access to a variety of records from any jurisdiction in Oregon that chooses to participate. The default search includes all jurisdictions. To search for records from a single jurisdiction, select one from the SELECT JURISDICTION drop-down list.

In addition, some jurisdictions have provided specific tips for finding their records in the sections that follow.

City of Hillsboro

You will need to choose "Hillsboro, City of" from the dropdown menu. Recommended searches include selecting "Document Content" for records related to a particular subject or "Meeting Date" for Council meeting records. To see all City records in the system, search by Date Created and enter "1/1/2011 to today" in the Equal To field.

City of West Linn

City of West Linn search instruction available here.